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Michigan State University's Welcoming Students Website is a resource for MSU Faculty and Staff who are looking for information on Fall 2017 Student Move-In activities. Here, you can find all the important dates and resources you'll need to be knowledgable and prepared for any and all Move-In related events occurring throughout the month of August.

If you're not an MSU Faculty or Staff member, this website can still be helpful. Many of the dates are relveant to parents, students and members of the East Lansing community. Furthermore, many of the helpful links can take you to more specific information.

All in all, this Website is here to help and inform. If you have any questions, requests or corrections to information contained on this website, please email Elizabeth Ayres at and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you for visiting, we're looking forward to a successful Move-In and a great school year!

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